Under the Covers: The Stories

The Stories, A to H

New 2 Close For Comfort by Shinkai: R+. S. H. UST. Mulder and Scully get close, in a physcial sense, during a stake out but Mulder rapidly discovers how hard it is to keep his distance.
New 2 Hot 2 Handle by Shinkai: R+. S. H. UST. Sequel to `2 Close for Comfort'. What was Scully thinking as Mulder found his body responding to her closeness. What happened after they slept together in the bath tub.
Alabaster & Oak by Tara Avery: PG-13 vignette. 3rd-person POV. "They are different -- alabaster and oak -- but they belong together. No one looking at them could deny that."
The American Dream by Florimell: MSR. While undercover in Arcadia Falls, Mulder and Scully deal with their feelings towards each other and discover what the American dream really means to them.
New Amor Caritas: Grief by Marguerite: The death of Mulder's mother sends Scully undercover to unravel a mystery... and discover her own destiny.
And A Silver Sixpence by Teigen: MSR, NC-17. What happened behind closed doors at The Falls at Arcadia?
New Arcades (Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new by Sarah Ellen Parsons: R. UST. MSR. Angst. Arcades is Latin for "people who live in Arcadia".
New Arcades II (Look homeward angel now and melt with ruth) by Sarah Ellen Parsons: R. UST. H. Angst. Sequel to "Arcades." Mulder and Scully lost at sea.
Arcadian Rings by Chad K. Tanaka: MSR. Scully wrestles with the aftermath of her undercover mission with Mulder at Arcadia. A Scully "ring" story.
Arch Angel by Jenga: UST, Angst. Mulder and Scully go undercover as newlyweds to apprehend a serial killer.
New Autumn Terrace by Karen Conrardy G. VR. A little A. Mulder muses at 450 Autumn Terrace, Arcadia Falls, San Diego County, California.
New Baby Cakes by Piper Maru & Maddy Too PG. X-File. A young girl goes undercover with Mulder and Scully to catch a kidnapper.
Back to School by JEn: MSR. Mulder and Scully take up a case that requires them to go undercover-- and back to school.
Beaches by Donna: Casefile, MSR; Angst. An undercover assignment goes very wrong.
New The Biology Teacher by Mosquito PG. Mulder and Scully are pulled into an investigation in Springfield Illinois, where female teachers are disappearing. They go undercover as a married couple, to see if the killer can be baited.
New Buffetted by Maggie McCain PG. VR. A stakeout, a beach bar, and a Jimmy Buffett cover band.
New Cachot Desirer by Donnilee & XRae NC-17. BDSM. Scully DOM. UST to RST. Mulder and Scully go undercover in a bizarre murder case at the request of their old friend, Senator Matheson, and nothing is as it seems.
New Call Girl by Cybill NC-17. MSR. Mulder and Scully act as bait to a serial killer who preys on redheaded call girls.
Caught in the Act III: Sub Rosa by Parrotfish: X-File. NC-17. Mulder and Scully go undercover to rescue a kidnapped child from a white supremacist militia group. Success could mean the salvation of the duo's partnership -- if it doesn't destroy them first.
New The Caveat Emporium by Red Valerian PG to NC-17. MSR. For reasons of her own, Scully insists on going undercover at a telephone sex establishment. In the process, she drives the surveillance team to distraction - said 'team' consisting of her partner and a certain Assistant Director.
New Controlled Substances by Kel NC-17. X. H. MSR. Those nanites have to go. Skinner is willing to risk it all to be free of the microscopic parasites that Krycek uses to control him.
The Cost of Being Unfaithful by Katie Phillips: Casefile, MSR; Angst. Mulder and Scully once again go undercover as man and wife when a series of murders occur in one particular neighborhood under circumstances that make even Fox Mulder squirm a bit.
Covenants, Contracts & Restrictions by Suzanne Schramm: NC-17. Missing scene from "Arcadia.
New The Dare, The Test, The Challenge by Jay NC-17. MSR. It begins as just another case but ends as a challenge.
New Double Post Punishment by E. Simmering NC-17. PWP. "He wondered how long it was going to be before he lost control."
New Dreamscape by Foxsong PG. UST. A little revenge for the way the 'ship was treated in "Arcadia."
Drug Rings, Black Bikinis, and Don Henley by Taylor: MSR; NC-17. An undercover assignment brings Mulder & Scullytogether.
Eight Years by aRcaDIaNFalls: SRA. Investigating several disappearances, Mulder and Scully go undercover in marriage therapy.
Electricity by Darling DANA: SRH. Undercover work causes some tension of the "unresolved" kind. Mulder/Scully borderline romance.
New Elixir Trilogy by Rebecca Rusnak PG-13. Posing as a married couple for an undercover assignment holds more than one kind of danger for Mulder and Scully. When Scully becomes infected with something not from this world, a figure from the past reappears. Events come to a head when Scully fires on her partner and flees. With the help of his new ally, Mulder races to find Scully before other, more sinister elements do.
New An Eyeful by Andrea NC-17. Scully volunteers to go undercover and Mulder's in big trouble.
New Facing Janus by Jenrose NC- 17. What would have happened if Mulder and Scully had pursued the leads they found in Emily? [Note: This is an external link]
New Failure to Die by Kel PG-13. An undercover assignment lands Agent Jerry Luskin and his colleagues in a "cursed" hospital.
New Falling For Each Other by Michelle NC-17. MSR. Remember that bedroom scene in Arcadia? What if that scene had gone further.
New The Fallout From Arcadia by Ten NC-17. S. A. MT. MSR. H. On the way back to the San Diego field office after "Arcadia", Mulder is involved in an accident. He wakes up believing that he and Scully are Mr & Mrs Rob Petrie.
New Feed My Fish by Karen PG-13. M/Sk. Walter's thoughts on their relationship after Mulder's undercover work in The Pine Bluff Variant.
New Five Years and One Night by Shalimar NC-17. Even though they haven't seen each other in a long time, Mulder has information for Scully that could change their lives. [Note: This is an external link through Wayback.]
New The Fox & Dana Affair by Audrey L. Zwingli R to NC-17. Badfic. Mulder and Scully go undercover-in more ways than one.
Fragrant by Jori Remington. UST, Vignette. Scully ponders something that Mulder left behind on the bed, mid-Arcadia.
New Future Hauntings by Katrinka PG. S. MSR. AU. On an undercover mission, Scully enters another universe and time.
New A G-String Diva by Koo R. Humorous MT. Several murders of patrons at a strip club in DC put Mulder into the most interesting uncover assignment he has ever had.
New Hog Heaven by Jess PG-13. UST. X-File. Mulder and Scully go in search of a "motorcycle-riding, shape-shifting, Elvis hair-do sporting alien" and discover something about themselves in the process.
Honeymoon From Hell by Gerry Hill: X, H, MSR. Mulder and Scully must go 'undercover' in Kipler, Pennsylvania, to solve the disappearance of honeymoon couples.
Hostages by Danielle Culverson. Mulder and Scully are taken hostage while working undercover investigating a cult who believe they have the ability to rise to the next dimension.
Hot Wax by Gina Rain : X, MSR. A serial killer is targeting Manhattan couples. When Mulder and Scully try to lure him into revealing himself, they stumble upon quite a few revelations of their own.
Hunks by Donna: Casefile, UST/MSR. Mulder & Scully take the undercover married couple plunge again, and this time, Mulder's got something they want.

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