Under the Covers: The Stories

The Stories, I to R

Impasse Series by Denise Morgen MSR. R. Pre and post Arcadia stories from differing points of view.
New Impulse by aka "Jake" R. X. Mulder and Scully go undercover to find out who -- or what -- is killing the clients of Allegheny Mountain Adventure Tours, a West Virginia company offering an extraordinary vacation experience for the serious sensation seeker.
New Instant Warmth by Sue Piper & Marie Endres PG. A. H. Sometimes homelessness is a state of being.
Kaunistama by Katrinka. MSR, NC-17. Going undercover brings out hidden feelings for Mulder, and he confesses something he didn't mean to.
New Kennedy and the Arcade by Fiona Bland R. H. Undercover work goes bad in a back alley... but it turns out good.
New Kinesthesia by Spookey247 Casefile, MSR, NC-17. As members of a domestic terrorism task force, Mulder and Scully investigate a series of bombings linked to a traveling carnival show. Set early season six. [Note: this is an external link]
New Lapdance by T. L. Carter PG-13. MSR. UST. Scully was entirely TOO quiet during the Arcadia 'couch' scene. Whatever *was* on her mind? And what happened after they left?
New Life Times 2: Friend or Foe by Agent Quetzel Pg-13 to NC-17. MSR. It is the mid 1940's and organized crime is booming. Fox Mulder is one of the many agents the FBI has sent into the field to bring these mob kings down. While spending a year undercover, he gets to know William Scully's daughter, Dana, very well.
Loser Takes All by Nicknoc MSR, NC-17. Post-Arcadia, and they're undercover again. A bet between partners-- who wants who more-- steams up.
The Marfa Murder Mysteries by Katie Phillips MSR, NC-17. Mulder gets tied up working on a case with the VCU so Scully is forced to go undercover on her own down in Texas investigating mysterious deaths involving the world famous Marfa Lights. Problems arise and Mulder also goes undercover to make sure his partner is safe.
Mea Culpa by P.C. Rasmussen. PG-13. Casefile, UST/MSR. After the X-Files have been closed down -- again -- Mulder is sent on an undercover mission by his new boss, where he gets in a whole lot of trouble. It's up to Scully (with some help from Skinner along the way) to get him back on his feet again.
Miracle and Mystery by Tesla MSR, PG. "They were thousands of miles from home, in a far country, unable to speak the language, immersed in an unfamiliar culture..." Mulder and Scully travel deep into an unfamiliar world, seeking something that Scully desperately wants.
New Mobster Mash by Gerry Hill R. UST. A. Mulder and Scully go undercover with the mob.
New My Face is My Own by K. Brown PG. UST. V. A. Scully's thoughts after throwing Mulder out of the bedroom in Arcadia.
Mystery at St. Mary Magdale by Mary MSR, PG-13. Mulder and Scully go undercover to an all girls school, and Scully faces a demon from her own adolescence.
New Necessary Smut by Jada Rene NC-17. MSR. "I don't think I can be a gentleman if you open that door right now."
Never by Allison Kinney NC-17. Mulder goes undercover, and three months later, Scully finds her way to his side.
The Newlywed Game by Caroline McKenna PG-13. Mulder and Scully are given a new undercover assignment -- with Bob Eubanks and The Newlywed Game.
Night in Arcadia by Foxsong MSR, MA, RST. Sleeping next to Scully in Arcadia, Mulder wakes from a nightmare.
New No Guilt by Mystic Scully goes undercover as a substitute teacher in order to find out why Mr. X sent them to investigate a student's death.
New Notorious by Jenna Tooms MSR. Say Scully is asked to play a dangerous game. Say the game is more dangerous than anyone imagined. Say there's no way out.
Not What You Think by Becky Perlow R. Scully takes on an undercover assignment as a favor for a friend-- as a phone sex operator-- and receives a surprising call.
New Ovan Akta by FoxfireX & Girlie_girl7 PG. XF. MSR. Mulder and Scully go undercover in Amish country to investigate flying cows.
New Ovan Akta Revisited by Girlie_girl7 G. This takes off where Ovan Akta left off with Scully trying to help the Amish child.
New Past Pretending by Joey R AU. Mulder and Scully go undercover as a married couple along with another pair of agents to find out what happened to three other Florida couples.
Pigs on the Wing by Trelawney NC-17. Scully and Mulder go to south Texas to catch a fugitive.
Playing House Part One and Playing House Part Two by shannono and Brandon Ray Scully and Mulder's perspectives during "Arcadia".
Poconos by Jess M. Mulder and Scully looking into a series of mysterious deaths in that honeymoon capital of the world, the Poconos.
New Profiles in Caring: The Everett Case by Daydreamer NC-17. To find and rescue Skinner's nephew, Mulder faces the hardest challenge of his career -- entering the mind of a pedophile. [Note: This is an external link]
New Rasputin One by Shaun Reich R. MSR. X. Mulder and Scully go undercover at a Texas university to solve a series of mysterious rapes.
Return to Arcadia by EnigmaticDM MSR. When a clan of witches start wreaking havoc in Arcadia Falls, Mulder and Scully return to Arcadia and resume living the American Dream as Rob and Laura Petrie.
New The Right Direction by Sweater Mulder and Scully go undercover to find out why people are dying.
Risque by Pywacket NC- 17. An undercover stint as a working girl really turns Scully on.
Ruby by Ary GH Casefile/NC-17. When your friendly neighborhood psychopath starts killing redheads, Scully is requested to go undercover ... as a stripper.
New Rumble in the Jungle by mimic117 R. V. It's a jungle out there. [Note: This is an external link]

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