Impasse Series

Impasse I: His Prelude to Arcadia: PG. My own little effort to redeem Mulder's sorry ass after the disgraceful way he treated Scully in One Son and a little peak into how their Arcadian assignment came about.
Impasse II: Her Prelude to Arcadia: PG. Hmm...anyone else get the feeling that Scully was the one that accepted the Arcadia case? My own little look into how and why this might've came about along with some insight into why Bitch!Scully was on the rampage in this ep (not that I blame her!)
Impasse III: Their Prologue : UST. Mulder comes to a startling conclusion and Scully attempts to deal with her reaction to her partner's close physical proximity while undercover in Arcadia.
Impasse IV: Her Epilogue to Arcadia: PG-13. Mulder attempts to test his new-found hypothesis over dinner.
Impasse V: His Epilogue to Arcadia: R. Scully turns the tables.